About Us

Founded in 2003, RDI is the exclusive supplier of Herga switches in North America, and one of the biggest suppliers in the world. In 2012 Herga was acquired by Variohm Holdings Group, which allowed RDI to expand its current product line to include position, temperature and pressure sensors. In 2017 Variohm was purchased by the ACAL group.

RDI, is a family-owned company and operates out of Murrieta, CA, and is proud to be part of Herga’s global network of exclusive suppliers worldwide. RDI was started in 2003 when Terry Ferstle, a former employee of Anthem Switching Products, purchased the company and established RDI to continue the selling of Herga parts throughout North America. RDI prides itself on customer service and helping customers to find the right part for their application.

”Committed to helping our customers find the right product for their application.” 

“We have over 24 years of experience with the Herga product line, and have seen many changes in the market. In the 1990’s we were a very strong player in the pool and spa market with push buttons and airswitches for jetted tubs. However, with the export of manufacturing to overseas companies, margins began to drastically shrink through the early 2000’s and eventually the housing collapse mid-2000’s put the nail in the coffin for the jetted tub market. Especially since there were no new homes being built and 75% of our airswitches went into tubs for the new home market. Some foresight and innovation led us to venture into the foot and hand control business. Herga had always had a footswitch line of products but never really had anything that could compete in the American Market. Herga then decided to make a play for the medical footswitch market and began to produce a very unique and stylish brand of foot pedals and hand controls. RDI is now selling foot controls to some of the biggest American medical OEM’s in North America, and have a great reputation for producing a quality part at a good price. Nothing in our product line is manufactured in a third world country, and we take great pride in selling a quality product. Our latest innovation is a wireless footswitch that utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology and a new line of industrial footswitches to come out later this year.

”Foresight and innovation led us to venture into the foot and hand control business.”

What it really boils down to for me as the CEO of RDI, is that if you couple outstanding customer service, with a great product, you ensure yourself market longevity for the foreseeable future. The only competition you have to worry about is yourself, and whether you’re going to be a leader or a follower in your marketplace. Herga and RDI are building a brand that represents quality and innovation with the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs and requirements in a marketplace that is very dynamic. I’m very proud to be selling this product and I’m looking forward to another 24 years of selling Herga.” Terry Ferstle, CEO of RDI.